Season Three - Island Day 90

December 20, 2004


Previously on LOST

A woman named Naomi parachuted onto the island from a helicopter that crashed into the ocean. Her helicopter took off from a freighter 80 nautical miles west of the island. She has a satellite phone, which could contact the freighter, but the signal is being jammed.

The Losties are tipped off that Ben and the others are planning to kidnap three pregnant women from the beach camp for fertility testing.

Juliet has joined the Losties at the beach camp. She tells the Losties that Ben is using the underwater Dharma station Looking Glass to jam signals from the island.

Background- Radio Tower Journey

The Losties plan on using Naomi’s satellite phone to contact her freighter for rescue. To do this they must not only disable the Looking Glass, but also turn off Rousseau’s distress signal at the radio tower.

Charlie and Desmond will use a Kayak to reach and disable the Looking Glass, while most of the group travel to the radio tower.

Rather than continue to try and hide from the Others, Jack’s plan is to rig three beach tents with explosives and kill the Others as they try to kidnap the three pregnant Losties. Sayid, Bernard, and Jin stay behind to detonate the explosives using guns.

December 20, 2004

Synopsis of Day 90

Karl, using a kayak to save time, leaves the ‘Others’ tent camp to warn the Losties that Ben’s schedule to invade the beach camp has changed and will happen with in hours rather then the next day.

Sayid, Bernard, and Jin stay at the beach to detonate the explosive laden tents, while Rousseau leads the rest of the Losties to the radio tower.

Charlie and Desmond use the kayak to locate the Looking Glass, which is tethered to the beach by the cable Sayid located earlier. Charlie knocks Desmond unconscious and enters the Looking Glass alone. Greta and Bonnie hold Charlie captive. Bonnie calls Ben, who sends Mikhail to the Looking Glass to kill Charlie, Greta, and Bonnie.

Ben’s men approach the tents and two of three tents explode, killing seven of the 10 men. The remaining three take Sayid, Bernard, and Jin captive. Bernard, under duress, tells Ben about Karl, Naomi, and the radio tower journey via walkie-talkie.

December 21, 2004

Synopsis of Day 91 (up until about noon)

At Other's tent camp- Richard questions Ben’s leadership. Ben tells Richard that Richard is to take everyone to the Temple as planned. Ben plans to intercept the Losties on their journey to the radio tower. He will try to convince them not to contact the freighter. Ben only takes Alex with him. Ben tells Alex she betrayed him and her new family is now with the Losties

Sawyer and Juliet leave the journey to the radio tower and travel back to the beach. Sawyer won’t let Kate or Hugo join them. Jack tells Kate he loves her.

Mikhail arrives at the beach adjacent to the Looking Glass and starts shooting at Desmond, who is still unconscious on the kayak. Desmond comes to and jumps into the water and secretly enters the Looking Glass.

Mikhail enters the Looking Glass and kills Greta, and Bonnie before Desmond shoots a spear through his chest. Bonnie tells Charlie the code to disable the Looking Glass before she dies.

Charlie uses the Beach Boy’s- Good Vibrations song/code and turns off the Looking Glass jamming. An incoming transmission from Penelope Widmore alerts Charlie that she is unaware of Naomi or the freighter. Mikhail detonates a grenade, which floods the Charlie’s cabin. Charlie commits suicide, but warns Desmond that the freighter is not Penny’s.

Ben and Alex intercept the Losties. Ben tells Jack that Naomi is not who she claims to be and that if Jack contacts the freighter ”every single living person on this island will be killed”.

Ben attempts to force Jack into giving him the satellite phone by pretending to kill Sayid, Bernard, and Jin by walkie unless Jack relents. Jack doesn't, and pummels Ben, believing he had them killed. Ben tells Alex that Rousseau is her mother.

Locke, left for dead by Ben the previous day at the Dharma mass grave, contemplates suicide. He then sees Walt. Walt tells Locke he has work to do.

Hurley, using the Dharma VW van, crashes into the beach camp and rescues Sayid, Bernard, and Jin. Sawyer and Juliet are there and Sawyer kills Tom after Tom surrenders. Hurley calls Jack by walkie and tells Jack of the rescue.

The group makes it to the radio tower and after turning off Rousseau’s broadcast; Naomi’s satellite phone is able to contact the freighter. Before Naomi is able to talk Locke throws a knife into her back and pulls a gun on Jack, but Jack uses her satellite to contact the freighter regardless. The connection is made and Jack talks to Minkowski on the freighter.

 Season four- Day 90 through Day 91, December 20-21, 2004

Screen Shots of the journey using the map's color key

Season Three - Island Day 76- Day 83

December 6, 2004


Previously on LOST

Day 45- Michael, Sawyer, Jin, and Walt attempt to leave the island on a raft. The others intercept them, kidnap Walt, shoot Sawyer in the shoulder, and then blow up the raft, assuming the Fusies would drown. Michael, Sawyer and Jin are able to use remnants of their raft to float back to the island.Day 49- Ben and Juliet are inside the Pearl. Juliet tells Ben that Shepard will never do the surgery. Ben tells Juliet that he will do what he always does- “ I will exploit his emotional investments”. Juliet asks,” So we grab all three of them, Ford (Sawyer) and Austin (Kate) too?” Ben- “No, we get them to come to us using Michael”.Day 66/67- Michael, compromised by the ‘Others’, lead Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley into an ambush. Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are forcibly taken to a smaller island. Michael is given a boat, reunited with Walt, and told to travel at a 305 bearing where he will “find rescue”. Hurley is allowed to leave and returns to the beach camp. On the smaller island, Kate and Sawyer are caged, while Jack performs spinal surgery on Ben in the Hydra station. Kate and Sawyer escape the small island using a kayak, aided by Alex and Karl (Karl travels with them). Kate and Sawyer return the beach camp, as Karl returns to the smaller island and Alex using the kayak.Day 72- Mr. Echo succumbs to injuries sustained by the smoke monster. As Locke is burying Mr. Echo, the sunlight reflects the carving “Lift up your eyes and look north - John 3:05” on Mr. Echo’s prayer stick. Locke takes this as a sign from the island.

Background of rescuing Jack

Kate, upon returning to the beach camp from Hydra, immediately tries to rescue Jack. Kate

discards her promise to Jack not to try and save him, and figures her best chance is to recruit Rousseau, as she must have intimate knowledge of the island. Kate figures the best way to locate Rousseau is to revisit the location her and Jack were caught by Rousseau in a rock fall snare. It’s not clear what Kate’s plan was, as she could not know that the Others had abandoned the Hydra and returned to the Barracks. Why Kate thought she could rescue Jack while on the main island is perplexing. As far as Kate knew, Jack was still on the smaller island, two miles off the coast of the main island.

December 6, 2004

Synopsis of day 76

Kate and Sawyer return to the beach camp after escaping the Hydra. Kate slips away from the beach camp to locate Rousseau to help her in her mission to rescue Jack. Sayid and Locke track Kate and find her as just as Kate locates Rousseau. Kate tells Locke and Sayid that she is attempting to find Jack, and doesn’t expect them to help her. Locke informs Kate that he has the key to finding Jack. Locke tells her that the key is the compass setting of 305, which is what he saw on Mr. Echo’s prayer stick (“Lift up your eyes and look north - John 3:05”)

Kate, Sayid, Locke, and Rousseau travel a very difficult path (over mountains and through dense jungles) in order to adhere to Locke’s compass bearing of 305.

December 7, 2004
Synopsis of Day 77

Kate, Sayid, Locke, and Rousseau travel a very difficult path (over mountains and through dense jungles) in order to adhere to Locke’s compass bearing of 305.

December 8, 2004

Synopsis of Day 78

Kate, Sayid, Locke, and Rousseau spend a second day traveling over a very difficult terrain (over mountains and through dense jungles) in order to adhere to Locke’s compass bearing of 305.

December 9, 2004

Synopsis of day 79

Sayid confronts Locke on the their ridiculous prospect of using his compass bearing to save Jack.

The group finds the Flame station. Sayid approaches cautiously, but is wounded and treated by the Flame’s operator, name Mikhail Bakunin.

After thoroughly inspecting the station, the group finds Bea Klugh.

Sayid finds a book that contains a map to the barracks.

Locke surreptitiously takes a block of C4 without the knowledge of the balance of the group.

Bea Klugh demands that Mikhail kill her rather than let the group take her hostage.

Locke causes the destruction of Flame station.

Sayid, using his map, leads the group to the barracks. Sayid thinks that Jack is being held there. Why Sayid believes this, especially considering that Kate left Jack on an islet, is unknown.

December 10, 2004

Synopsis of day 80

As the group follows a map to the Barracks, Mickail tells the group that he was recruited when he was 24 and was brought to the Island via a submarine. He also tell the group that approximately 2 weeks prior, an event, an electromagnetic pulse, prevents people from returning to the island, although they are able to leave. Mikhail tells the group the do not have the ability to understand why people would want to return to the island based on the fact that they are not on the list. He tells them they are not on the list because they are flawed, they are angry, weak, and frightened.

On their way to the barracks, the group approaches a network of pylons that act as a security perimeter around the barracks. They form a sonic barrier. Locke throws Mickail into the barrier, and Mickail appears to die after convulsions (Later we learn Mickail lived because the barrier was not set to kill)

The group travels over the barrier and reach the barracks. Upon reaching the barracks, they see Jack having a playful catch with Tom and Juliet. Rousseua leaves the group after seeing Alex. Kate, Sayid, and Locke wait until night, and enter the barracks to rescue Jack..

The Others capture Kate and Sayid, but Locke is able to slip into Ben’s bedroom.

Jack visits Kate and tells her he made a deal with the Others and will leave early morning.

December 11, 2004

Synopsis of day 81


Ben makes a deal with Jack to release Kate and Sayid.

Locke is led to the submarine by Alex, who he uses as a hostage, and blows up the submarine using his hidden block of C-4

Jack and Juliet (who were planning on leaving the island via submarine) travel to the submarine dock just as Locke blows it up. Locke apologizes to Jack just prior to the explosion. Locke is taken prisoner temporally by the Others after the submarine explosion.

Ben shows Locke is shown a prisoner who is bound and gagged. This captive is Locke's father. Ben then invites Locke to travel with them to their first tent camp.

After Dawn

Locke says goodbye to Kate, informing her that he will be going with the Others.

The Others use a gas on Kate, Sayid, Jack, and Juliet as they leave for their tent camp. Juliet and Kate find themselves alone in the jungle, outside the sonic barrier, handcuffed together.

Kate and Juliet begin to travel back to the barracks to meet up with Sayid and Jack. On their way back, the encounter the smoke monster. They hide the roots of banyan trees. The smoke monster emits a bright light onto Juliet, and leaves. Kate and Juliet then continue their travel to the barracks.

December 12, 2004

Synopsis of day 82

As they are traveling back to the barracks, Kate and Juliet (still handcuffed) encounter the smoke monster just as they approach the sonic barrier. Juliet must use a key to undo the handcuffs in order to deactivate/activate the barrier. The smoke monster is repelled by the activated barrier, although Juliet has to explain to Kate why she use the handcuff key earlier.

Kate and Juliet reunite with Jack and Sayid at the barracks and begin to travel back to the beach camp. They camp for the night in the jungle.

December 13, 2004

Synopsis of day 83

Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Juliet travel back to the beach camp, where the Fusies are untrusting of Juliet.

Screen Shots of the journey using the map's color key